Kim van Dijk

Kim is a cyclist with an official status of the NOC-NSF. After her skating career and her career as a cyclist on the road, she was asked by chance to ride a tandem bike once. Tandem cycling means that you cycle along with a buddy with a visual impairment. The first game was immediately won! This has even gone so well that Kim traveled to London in 2012 with her buddy, Kathrin Goeken, to participate in the Paralympic Games on the road and time trial sections. Eventually they won a bronze medal at the road race and a gold medal at the time trial. ‘It is quite an experience and it actually tastes like more’. Kim says that it is a shame that her mate has stopped after their successes in London. After London, Kim went looking for a new buddy. With her new buddy, Odette van Deudekom, Kim participated in the Paralympic Games in Rio.
The foundation Gijsje Eigenwijsje

Kim van Dijk is ambassador of this foundation.

Gijs Baeten was a lively, bright child who grew up in a warm family. On 11 August 2011 he was told at age 8 that he had brain stem cancer and only 3 to 6 months to live.

It was Gijs’s wish to let other children with a life-threatening illness experience a ‘week away’, a warm resting place for the family during a violent period. For that child / family it is possible to spend a couple of days together, away from the hospital, away from the hectic.

The foundation offers the family a free stay in their own, fully furnished and ill-suited, holiday home. To make Gijs’s wish permanent, the foundation needs resources. To collect these funds, the foundation organizes projects and depends on donations and donations to achieve its objective.

Jan Janssen

A nice success wish from our ambassador Jan Janssen!


We are incredibly proud that we can announce that Jan Janssen embraces the Tour de Fris and will act as an ambassador. Jan Janssen was initially a reasonable sprinter, but soon developed into a versatile driver. He was known for his ability to abandon beastly, with which he compensated for a shortage of construction and still managed to reach the top. He won many of the most important cycling races.

He became world champion in 1964 (Sallanches), won Paris-Roubaix in 1967, wrote the same year – as the first Dutchman – the Tour of Spain to his name and the following year was also the first Dutchman to win the Tour de France. His versatility is also apparent from the first place in the Super Prestige (1967) final standings. In the Tour of France in 1968, Herman Van Springel led the general classification for the final stage, a time trial. Since Janssen had never won an important time trial, few gave him a chance. However, he rode the race of his life and won the stage and the final standings, with only 38 seconds ahead of Van Springel.
  In total, Jan Janssen won 7 Tour stages. He also won the green jersey three times.

Dutch best cyclist Jan Janssen is now ambassador of Tour de Fris.