Target Foundation Tour de Fris

The Tour de Fris Foundation was established in 2010 as a working group of the Stg. International Award for Young people Opmeer. This is frustration about how young people from our region are known in the rest of the Netherlands. Through a wide volunteer network in the municipality of Opmeer we have regular contact with other parts of the Netherlands and beyond. There they are confronted with the image of “our” young people, when it comes to the use of alcohol and drugs, it reacted with negative awe.

To prove that the youth from West Friesland can do more than that, we have come up with a challenge of size, just show what you can do. A challenge in the form of a bike ride of about 1000 km was the challenge. We try to start from a different location every year so that no year will be the same.
Through this achievement we try to positively influence the negative idea about West Frisian youth.

We are aware that outside the use of alcohol and drugs there is also the weight problem among the young people. In order to also involve them in the project and to point them to a healthier lifestyle and more sports, we hope to positively influence them.